Stop The Blame Game

Stop The Blame Game! It's ruining your future. When we assign blame to others for the way that our life is, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to have a better future.  We deny ourselves the greatness we deserve in our life. Blame assigns responsibility to others for where our lives are, and now we … Continue reading Stop The Blame Game


What You Fear Rules You

  FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real Fear get its strength and validity from us.  What we fear exists because we give it power. In your life, you've overcame a fear and now you find it to be "silly".  Its "silly" because it no longer has strength or validity, to you. As a child, did you … Continue reading What You Fear Rules You

You Need To Change

  You need to change, my friend. "Wait! What? Haven't you always encouraged me to be myself?" Yes.  Yes, I have. But you need to change. Change the way you walk. Change the way you talk. Change what you tolerate. Change what you allow. Change your habits. Change your actions. Change your reactions. You need … Continue reading You Need To Change

Be Selfish

  Do You know what is the most selfish thing you can ever do? Help someone else. Yes!  When you help someone else, it makes you feel AMAZING. And, you know the way to combat stress, depression, anger, frustration, and all those negative feelings...? HELP SOMEONE ELSE. Because it's going to make you feel AMAZING. … Continue reading Be Selfish

What Is Most Important

  Take a look at what you do throughout the day.  What you habitually do every single day.  That is what is important to you.  See, what you focus on is what you tell yourself is important. So, if your goals and dreams are different than what you see in your life right now, consider … Continue reading What Is Most Important

How To Find Your Passion

I believe that so many of us struggle with our daily lives because we don't know our passion or purpose.  We trudge along the path that we believe we need to travel, whether it's because our family told us that's the direction we must go, or teachers, employers, friends, etc. felt they knew best for … Continue reading How To Find Your Passion

3 Tips To Change Your Life

If you want to see change in your life, here are 3 tips that will help you. Remember that the only way anything changes, is if you make changes.  It's not enough to write down a list of things to do, if you never get any of them done.  It won't benefit anyone if you … Continue reading 3 Tips To Change Your Life