I Feel Pretty

"I Feel Pretty" is a new movie that is set to be released next week.  According to IMDb, this is the synopsis:  "A woman struggling with insecurity wakes from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when … Continue reading I Feel Pretty


How Do You Find Motivation?

How do you find motivation? When things get tough, life gets rough, what do you do to change it up? For me, it's putting on a motivation playlist from YouTube that features positive influencers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Pastor Joel Osteen and Eric Thomas. I let their voices cheer me on throughout … Continue reading How Do You Find Motivation?

DIY Mindset Spring Clean

  I think it may REALLY be Spring here at the Jersey Shore.  We had snow just few days ago, so can't be totally sure yet.  But, we're going to make the best of it and start Spring Cleaning. Now, there's TONS of lists, methods, videos, and content about Spring Cleaning your home.  Here is … Continue reading DIY Mindset Spring Clean

Stop Playing Small

You only get this one life, are you playing to WIN?! You have greatness inside of you.  So much potential to follow the purpose and passions that are in your heart.  Why are you playing small, my friend? #YOLO  was huge in recent months, but I wonder how many people lived by that hashtag, and … Continue reading Stop Playing Small

Affirmations Don’t Work

"Affirmations don't work!" I agree, to an extent.  I believe that affirmations, by themselves, are nothing more than wishes. Making a wish on a star, on a dandelion flower, when blowing out your birthday candles, or at 11:11 every day; all of these things are just as useless as affirmations. EXCEPT: Your wishes and affirmations … Continue reading Affirmations Don’t Work

Stop The Blame Game

Stop The Blame Game! It's ruining your future. When we assign blame to others for the way that our life is, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to have a better future.  We deny ourselves the greatness we deserve in our life. Blame assigns responsibility to others for where our lives are, and now we … Continue reading Stop The Blame Game

What You Fear Rules You

  FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real Fear get its strength and validity from us.  What we fear exists because we give it power. In your life, you've overcame a fear and now you find it to be "silly".  Its "silly" because it no longer has strength or validity, to you. As a child, did you … Continue reading What You Fear Rules You