You Need To Change

  You need to change, my friend. "Wait! What? Haven't you always encouraged me to be myself?" Yes.  Yes, I have. But you need to change. Change the way you walk. Change the way you talk. Change what you tolerate. Change what you allow. Change your habits. Change your actions. Change your reactions. You need … Continue reading You Need To Change


What Is Most Important

  Take a look at what you do throughout the day.  What you habitually do every single day.  That is what is important to you.  See, what you focus on is what you tell yourself is important. So, if your goals and dreams are different than what you see in your life right now, consider … Continue reading What Is Most Important

How To Find Your Passion

I believe that so many of us struggle with our daily lives because we don't know our passion or purpose.  We trudge along the path that we believe we need to travel, whether it's because our family told us that's the direction we must go, or teachers, employers, friends, etc. felt they knew best for … Continue reading How To Find Your Passion

3 Tips To Change Your Life

If you want to see change in your life, here are 3 tips that will help you. Remember that the only way anything changes, is if you make changes.  It's not enough to write down a list of things to do, if you never get any of them done.  It won't benefit anyone if you … Continue reading 3 Tips To Change Your Life

Your Life Is A Reflection Of…

  Your life is a reflection of your choices. To do something or to slack off; you've chosen. To go somewhere or not; it's your choice. To grow, to live, to be happy, to be strong, to be successful, to make an impact... OR To be miserable, to be weak, to be broken, to be … Continue reading Your Life Is A Reflection Of…

What Is Impossible?

Impossible is defined as:  not able to occur, exist, or be done. I heard one of the most profound statements today.  I was listening to a motivational video.  As is often the case, I don't always know all the voices of the people in the collection of content, so I looked it up and it was … Continue reading What Is Impossible?

You’ve Got Talent

The phrase "you've got talent" has become popular over the past few years, in part, due to a television show where people display their talents in front of an audience and panel of judges. Sadly, having talent doesn't mean shit.  And, what the viewers fail to consider is that talent is NOT what gets you … Continue reading You’ve Got Talent