Divorced to Deserving

Divorced to Deserving Almost 4 years ago, I made a decision to change the course of my life.  Every day, I had been reminding myself that if nothing changed, then nothing changed.  Where I was, at that point of my life, needed to change. You may have read my story before, but here's the shortened … Continue reading Divorced to Deserving

You’ve Got Talent

The phrase "you've got talent" has become popular over the past few years, in part, due to a television show where people display their talents in front of an audience and panel of judges. Sadly, having talent doesn't mean shit.  And, what the viewers fail to consider is that talent is NOT what gets you … Continue reading You’ve Got Talent

Victim or Victorious?

  You see that woman standing there?  That's me.  A couple years ago, shortly after being labeled a "high risk victim of abuse". The day those words fell on my ears was heart-breaking.  Partly, because I knew what she said to me was the truth.  Partly, because I knew I put myself in that position.  … Continue reading Victim or Victorious?

Beware The Dream Stealers

Beware of the Dream Stealers The enemy tends to be people and things that get in the way of your dreams. It may be family, friends, co-workers, boss, mentors, teachers. It could be addictions like drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, dieting, smoking. It very well can be devices such as computers, cell phones, radio, television. And, … Continue reading Beware The Dream Stealers

Where’s My Tribe?

  Every day that I create a blog post, I am talking to certain people. I am talking to the woman who feels lost after divorce. I am talking to the young woman who is unfulfilled in her job. I am talking to the grandmother who lives alone after decades of marriage. I am talking … Continue reading Where’s My Tribe?

What Is Best Thing That Never Happened To You?

Sometimes we have dreams or goals that don't play out the way we envisioned them. Sometimes this beats us down.  In the moment, we are disappointed or hurt. Some of us stay in that "moment" and live a defeated life. The thing is...sometime these are the best things that never happened. What we think we … Continue reading What Is Best Thing That Never Happened To You?

What Is Your Superpower?

Every once in a while a post will float around social media that asks if you could have any superpower, what would you choose? I always answered, "Invisibility" but never really thought much about it.  And, honestly, that's something I've accomplished.  For years, most of my posts, videos, content has gone unnoticed.  I haven't made … Continue reading What Is Your Superpower?