If Nothing Changes

  Is today like yesterday?  Was April like March?  Has 2018, so far, been like 2017? If you said yes to ANY of those questions, then my next question is this... Do you tomorrow to be like today?  Or the rest of 2018 to be like it has been so far? Or, 2028? (that's only … Continue reading If Nothing Changes


Parenting Is Exhausting

I have been a mom since I was 17 years old.  So, my identity has been wrapped around motherhood for over 26 years.  I cannot imagine NOT being a mom.  I've always been the nurturing, mom-like figure amongst my friends, even at a young age. But, parenting is EXHAUSTING.  I have 6 children, 5 of … Continue reading Parenting Is Exhausting

Why I Write

Why I write... I write because it silences the voices in my head. I write because I see the world's blindness. I write because I am inspired to inspire. I write because I read. I write because words are my paint and this blog is my canvas. I write because it's all been said before. … Continue reading Why I Write

Detoxify Your Life

I've noticed that a very popular topic of late is detoxifying the body.  For health and wellness, there are a ton of products and systems that are created and promoted to help a person detoxify their body. What I'm wondering is... What about detoxifying our lives?  What products or systems in place to teach people … Continue reading Detoxify Your Life

Empowering Women

I am all for empowering women. However, I’m not going to fit society’s labels.I like comfy.I wear t-shirts, sweats, flip flops.My hair is usually up in some messy bun and often, is a variety of colors.I rarely wear make-up. When I do it’s just hints of colors to bring out the natural colors in my … Continue reading Empowering Women