Prepared For Love



After my second divorce, I was NOT looking for “love” again.  I was trying to figure out how to hold my head above water as I sank.

I was homeless, car-less, jobless and penniless.  AND, I couldn’t drag my kids along that path.  I wouldn’t do that to them.

I cried because I had been pushed to the point of contemplating suicide, but instead refused to let him win and I walked away.  From everything, including my children.

I was alone.

Or so I thought.

The people that I believed would help me, didn’t.  The people that I never thought would help me, did.  And, then there were also the people I didn’t think I could ask for help, but I did anyway, and they helped me.

Turns out…I was on my own, but not alone at all.

And, I am super grateful.

If not for my strength and determination AND a handful of amazing, loving people, I don’t know where I would be today.

I took the hurt, the pain and the lessons, plus some love from my supporters, and turned my life around.  I took my power back.

I learned about who I was and what I wanted.

I worked on loving myself.

I eliminated (or minimized) negative, toxic people and things in my life.

I got ridiculously specific about the life I wanted, the woman I would become and the types of relationships I wanted in my life; and the type of man I wanted in my life.

It took time.  It took work.  It took moving through the pain & challenges.

I got to where I had wanted to go, and every day I get closer to the next level in my journey.

Yes, next level.

Because you have to continually invest in yourself, create new goals and learn & grow.  Otherwise…you’re dying.

I took the story I never wanted to tell and the hurt, the lessons and the pains…and created a new future for myself and those I love.  I have healthy, beautiful, happy children.  An AMAZING boyfriend & partner.  I am surrounded my loving, nurturing, supportive people and influences.  I invest in myself daily; mind, body & soul.

Now, I help others.  Now, I give to other women after divorce.  I help them to see the potential in their own lives.  Self-love, beauty, happiness, achievement, empowerment, light, love, amazing relationships…so much there is to be had.

I do this not only with my Facebook support group, Love After Divorce, but also through my 90 Day Coaching Program “Prepared For Love.”

If any of this resonates with you..comment below or send me an email.  I offer invitations to my Facebook group and to a Discovery call, free of charge, for those women who are READY, ambitious, open-hearted & receptive to changing their lives.


Have an amazing day!



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