How Do You Find Motivation?


How do you find motivation?

When things get tough, life gets rough, what do you do to change it up?

For me, it’s putting on a motivation playlist from YouTube that features positive influencers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Pastor Joel Osteen and Eric Thomas.

I let their voices cheer me on throughout the day.  They constantly remind me of being disciplined, self-motivated and to work hard.  They make me laugh, with their stories and anecdotes while still teaching me to do what I am passionate about.  That I am here to THRIVE, not survive.

I also have a bunch of songs that get me moving.  If I’m in a mental place where I need music (which I am often, daily) then I will listen to songs about overcoming challenges, being a fighter, not settling for anyone’s crap.  And, let me tell you, some of these songs make me cry.  But, not tears of sadness as much as tears of gratitude.

See, if you’ve never read my story, here’s the abridged version:

I was in a marriage that did not serve me very well.  I have 5 children with that (ex) husband and they were my only source of happiness.  I couldn’t find any happiness except when I was being their mom and doing my mom-thing.  As much as I love them, I struggled with depression.  Until one day, I was on the edge.  If not for them, I wouldn’t be here today.

I made a change, a shift, in my reality.  I knew the consequences but I also knew that ultimately, the rewards were far greater.

I walked away.  I was away from my children (the most painful time in my life), homeless, jobless, car-less and no where to go.

Social services classified me as a High-Risk Abuse Victim.

I cried.  I bawled.  Then, I said, F*** this.  I refuse to be a victim.  And I started making moves towards a better life; a better me.

I knew that to become the woman (and mom) that I desired to be, I had to take massive action.  So, I did.  I set goals.  I researched ways to achieve those goals.  I learned who my support was (and it wasn’t who I thought it would be) and leaned on them as I made drastic changes in my life.

I surrounded myself with ONLY people that would lift me up.  I listened to music and read content that was empowering and motivating.

I became my OWN motivation and I took massive action and made drastic changes.

Today, just a few short years later, I am building a business I love, helping other women.  My children are healthy and happy and our relationships are loving.  I have an amazing man as my partner for life and we both have big dreams and goals for our future together and our children’s futures.

My motivation had to come from within.  I had to focus on what I wanted.  I had to assign motivating meaning/definition to everything and anything I created in my life.  Nothing changes overnight, because there is typically momentum already in place, but if you keep moving forward, towards your goals, you will start to create a life that motivates you AND motivates others.


The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. Invest in YOU because only you can create a life you love.





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