Detoxify Your Life


I’ve noticed that a very popular topic of late is detoxifying the body.  For health and wellness, there are a ton of products and systems that are created and promoted to help a person detoxify their body.

What I’m wondering is…

What about detoxifying our lives?  What products or systems in place to teach people how to expel the negative crap in their life?  They are out there, but they don’t fill my social media newsfeeds daily.  You know why?  Because to get rid of the crap in your life, you may have to shut down the computer or put down the phone; get off of social media.  Or turn off the television or radio.

So, after doing my own personal development work, I want to share this system with you.

3 Steps To Detoxify Your Life:

  1. Get crystal clear on where you want your life to go; goals you want to achieve, relationships you want to have, career & finances you want to attract, contributions you want to make to the world.
  2. EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING that does NOT align with those visions, those goals, those aspirations….CUT THEM OUT.  Stop wasting time on the things that get in your way.  Places.  Things.  Websites, radio stations, television shows, etc.  People…this is a biggie….look at the people in your circle.  Are they an asset or a liability?  Cut your liabilities and honor your assets.
  3. Take MASSIVE ACTION now.  If it doesn’t put you on the path you know you should be on, set it down and move forward.  If you fail, learn from it and MOVE ON.  Keep trying.  Keep striving.

It is possible.

It is necessary.

Choose to be the uncommon Woman (or Man).

Step out of your comfort zone.  That zone, albeit comfortable, is keeping you where you are.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  It’s probably going to hurt (in some way) and let me tell you, IT IS NECESSARY.

How does an athlete train their body?  They work until it hurts, heal & become stronger. Then do it again.  That is how they get to the Olympics.  They practice, they work and the stretch themselves.   They grow, continuously.

You want things to change, YOU need to change.  What you do, who you hang around and how you think of yourself..all need to line up with who you know you are designed to become.

Get rid of the toxic crap in your life.  Fill those places with people, places and things that are nourishing, strengthening and educational.

REMEMBER:  The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Invest in YOU, because only you can create a life you love.



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