Detoxify Your Life

I've noticed that a very popular topic of late is detoxifying the body.  For health and wellness, there are a ton of products and systems that are created and promoted to help a person detoxify their body. What I'm wondering is... What about detoxifying our lives?  What products or systems in place to teach people … Continue reading Detoxify Your Life


Morning Rituals To Change Your Life

When you first wake up in the morning, what do you do? Within the first 30 minutes, whatever morning ritual you have, sets the tone for your day. If you hit the snooze a million times, groan and moan while you slip out of bed, start complaining about going to school or work, the traffic … Continue reading Morning Rituals To Change Your Life

What Does It Mean?

What you say to yourself about your life?  What meaning do you assign to the things that happen around you? Why do some people seem to have the best life and others seem like nothing goes right at all for them? Because in either case, they've created their life through what they say and what … Continue reading What Does It Mean?

Set The Tone For Your Day

When you wake up in the morning, DECIDE that you're going to have a great day.Any decision that you make, when you first get up, is what you've told your brain to find evidence of.  Guess what, if you just make the declaration that you are going to have a great day, and do that EVERY … Continue reading Set The Tone For Your Day

Are You On Target?

We're almost 2 full months into 2018.  How are you doing?Have you met the goals you set for the New Year?Are you on target to achieve them?So many of us strive to make resolutions or goals for the New Year.  Then, LIFE HAPPENS.  Those that achieve their goals don't wait for the New Year to … Continue reading Are You On Target?

You Did It

You are where you are because of decisions/choices you've made.Some people find that statement exhilarating and exciting.Some people find that statement deflating and depressing.Either way....own it.  Feel it.  Now, understand that if you're not happy with an area of your life, YOU can decide to change it.Yep.  YOU.Here's how that works:Think about that area of your life … Continue reading You Did It

Empowering Women

I am all for empowering women. However, I’m not going to fit society’s labels.I like comfy.I wear t-shirts, sweats, flip flops.My hair is usually up in some messy bun and often, is a variety of colors.I rarely wear make-up. When I do it’s just hints of colors to bring out the natural colors in my … Continue reading Empowering Women