Becoming Confident in Who You Are

Becoming Confident in Who You AreOne of the things I am constantly working on, and help others to work on, is having CONFIDENCE in one's self.  It's not easy when the world seems hell bent on crushing you every chance it gets.The thing is...confidence comes from within.  It can be boosted by outside sources, but … Continue reading Becoming Confident in Who You Are


Why Wait?

Why Wait When You Know What You Want?"I don't have the money.""I don't have the time.""I don't know if it's right.""I don't know if it'll work."Just STOP.  I've been there.  I get it.  It's FEAR.Don't let FEAR rule you!As a person who has to think everything out, then still makes a boat load of mistakes...I … Continue reading Why Wait?

Trust Yourself

Trust YourselfThat small voice in your head...That nagging feeling in your heart...That sinking feeling in your belly...orThat peaceful feeling in your soul...That calm, sweet peace that overtakes you...That smile that comes pure happiness...Good or need to trust yourself.There's a reason you feel what you do, think what you do.Whether it's a relationship with a … Continue reading Trust Yourself

Everyone Wants to Feel Significant

Everyone Want to Feel SignificantTo feel lovedTo feel neededTo feel appreciatedTo feel helpfulTo feel like they matterTo feel like what they do, mattersWe just all have different ways of going about achieving that feeling.Some people find it in their career.Some people find it in their fitness efforts.Some people find in in their wealth.Some people find … Continue reading Everyone Wants to Feel Significant

I’m Free to Be What I Want

"I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want."~Muhammad AliThat man was truly amazing.  There was so much wisdom and not even acknowledging his boxing career (which was phenomenal), but just on the man and … Continue reading I’m Free to Be What I Want

Am I A Crazy B*tch?

Am I A Crazy Bitch?If stupid is as stupid does, then...Crazy is as crazy thinks.What?  What did she just say?I have to chuckle because this is so NOT where I was going to go with my post, until I started typing the title.But, it's true.  See, one of the coaches/mentors I subscribe to put out … Continue reading Am I A Crazy B*tch?

The One Thing I Am Most Proud Of Is

The One Thing I Am Most Proud Of strength.I don't mean how I can pick up a 50 lb dog and lift them onto a table, at my job.  I mean how I've overcome a boatload of shit...and am still here to talk about it.Almost two years ago, however, was a different story.  I … Continue reading The One Thing I Am Most Proud Of Is